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who needs LTA

 Young Woman Contemplating

Do you recognize yourself in the photo above or the scenarios below? If so, give us a call, and let’s see if it makes sense to work together.



  • I am the CEO of a growing company.  I am looking for a talent consultant who will listen, take time up front to get to know my company, tell me the truth, and deliver great results for a great value. In other words, I want a consultant who has values similar to mine.

  • My team is solid but everyone is focused on right now. We have no capacity to focus on the future in a strategic way. I need some help understanding how to think about building out our org structure and talent bench.


Executive Search

  • I have a great HR team but they don’t have the time or the expertise to really nail this search.​


  • I am replacing someone on my team. No one knows, including the person being replaced. I need this search to be absolutely confidential.

  • Another firm was working on this search and it didn’t work out. The consultant said the search was impossible.  Every other firm seems to offer more of the same approach. We are stuck. We HAVE to get this done.


  • I need multiple people for this role, not just one. Do you ever do larger projects?

  • I am on a School Board. We need to find a new Superintendent.



  • I think I have the right internal candidate but I need to be sure.​

  • I have good people, but some are not in the right roles. Before we start a disruptive re-org, I need help making sure that I am moving people into roles that match their motivations and soft skill sets.


  • I have promoted someone into a new position. She is the right person for the role but is struggling with some things. She doesn't want to ask me for help, and I don't want to micromanage her. But she is going to fail if I can't get her going.

  • My team is not working well together. I have been in position 9 months. Two of my reports are from a recently acquired company, two have been here for 20 years, one is a new hire, and one still thinks that he should have gotten this job.  

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