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our guiding principles

  • The Client comes First

  • Fair and Honest in all Dealings

  • Always Authentic

  • Humble in Attitude | Courageous in Action

  • Focused on Solutions

  • Build lasting Relationships by Exceeding Expectations

how can LTA help you?

Leadership Talent Advisors serves client organizations who need help solving their most difficult leadership talent problems.

That help may take the form of an executive search engagement.  

...Or it could be a project designed to add multiple people to your talent succession bench,

...Or to assess a team and lead sessions to help them learn how to work better together.

...Or a workshop to coach your team leaders on how to hire more effectively.

We have done all of those things before and we are good at them. Click around the website to learn more about our services.  Or reach out so we can discuss your particular challenge.  If we can't help you, we will try to help you find someone else who can. 

executive search

Leadership Talent Advisors conducts executive searches that emphasize outstanding client service, relentless pursuit of client goals, and guaranteed results.

assessment & coaching

Leadership Talent Advisors offers five factor personality assessment designed for the workplace. We also offer executive and team coaching.


school superintendent search

Having served on the Board for one of the top public school districts in the US, we have particular expertise in helping boards recruit effective district leaders.



contact us

933 Louise Ave, Suite 511, Charlotte, NC 28203  |  305-434-5541

WhatsApp +1 305 434 5541

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